Each child
is a gift!

Our mission.

We want you, ambitious mom, to be able to enjoy your journey of raising your kids. Motherhood can be extremely stressful and you meet a rollercoaster of emotions. So many things to do, but how do you keep your cool? 

We believe that you are a SUPERMOM with SUPERPOWERS. But you can use some help managing your stress, facing failures while feeling enough and not to get buried by mommy guilt, worry and anxiety. You deserve to enjoy raising your kids and we are here to help you to do just that.

Moreover, the way a mom deals with stress, is the way a child will automatically manage its stress in his adult life. Therefore it is so important that mom and kids learn to manage their stress together. Changes come more rapidly these days and your kids will face even more challenges as adults in the world of tomorrow. In order to equip them as a happy adult in the world of tomorrow, we hope to inspire you and  work together today to bring them joy, now and tomorrow. 

The love of my life. 

"On Sept 27th I met him, the love of life. His name is Max-Milan. I fel head over heels in love with him, cause he was my special man. Little did I know about all the adventures we would embark on. " - Nicky Den

After a few months, his being special got a name: Prader Willi Syndrom. He struggled for several months to survive, but he is a little hero! Unfortunately this was only the first part of a longue journey called life with PWS. After a few months he stopped growing. No matter how many hours were spent feeding him, nothing changed. For months Nicky looked for help and finally found it about 7000km away she found help. So she and little MM travelled for 26 hours to meet their favorite doctor. 

A first victory followed, but many battles were to follow. PWS brings new challenges throughout life. Next to being up to date on the research, Nicky needs to make sure that she is prepared those challenges in the future. And as a single mom she needs to pay the bills and get an income. But Max-Milan actually needs a 24 hour supervision for his own safety and his therapy demands a whole lot of appointments. 

So stress and time management are crucial for Nicky to make sure that she can help him the most possible. 

when love is the only antidote.  

Max-Milan is a very sweet little man, who likes to be dressed fashionably. There is nothing he likes more then to travel. 

But every single moment he fights an invisible battle. He is constantly hungry. Day and night. He never feels full and his body and brain tell him that he must eat, even till the point that his stomach would explode. Although he tries very hard to stay healthy, it is a difficult battle not to steal food.

he has been on a diet since the day he was born. No candy, no chips, no cakes as we know them. Nicky made "special versions of everything to keep him healthy. 

He tries his hardest to move as much as possible, but his disrupted sleep pattern drains his energy and he has 30% less muscles. Nevertheless he never complains and always focusses on the good. 

But the food issues are so stressful for him, that sometimes it all gets the best of him and he suffers from an enormous meltdowns. The anxiety can be so overwhelming  that he picks his skin, until the point you could actually see the bone in the middle of his wounds. 

Stress management  & emotional control are crucial to him to avoid the constant risk of worse. 

From stress-out mom to expert in relaxation.

Nicky realized quickly that stress  & frustration would be a great challenge for her son and for herself.  Putting in place systems in place is crucial to be able to enjoy their life.  A balance between letting go and control, a well allocated use of time, all domains that Nicky started to study in a record time and testing them out every single day. 

Because Nicky and Max-Milan are more the just PWS. They are a family just like any other, that wants to enjoy life, with all it's ups and downs. Nicky noticed that  other families face a lot of the same challenges. Often other moms asked her advice.

So she decided to help and created Mom Manager Club, the online place to be for moms & kids 2 relax and learn to enjoy life. 

Knowledge Junkie

As a lot of people with a high IQ, Nicky has a large sense of justice. Sticking up for the underdog will automatically be what she does.  Always trying to connect the dots, she will try to understand and help people the best possible way. 

And boy, does she need her "juice for the brain". Give her a psychology study and she will study in depth and have a million questions about every detail. But she also is interested in a large variety of disciplines. Next to the science approach, she will just as well be open-minded to for example ancient medecine & essential oils.

This open-minded approach makes her want to understand other cultures, religions and people in general without judging. 

This leads her to have a broad approach, incorporating the best of everything. 

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