Untold secrets to living a happy life as a super mom.

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FINDING HAPPINESSUntold secrets to living a happy life as a super momFinding happiness is a choice and includes even the difficult moments. Kate was a pretty young lady who got married to a wealthy man. her wedding day was the happiest moment in her life. She wished she could freeze time and remain in that moment […]

The importance of your me-time getaway.

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HOLIDAY FOR MOM, NO KIDS ALLOWEDThe Importance ofyour me-time getawayWe so often forget our own needs, because our kids come first. We get stuck in our daily routine and want to do better every single day. However if you want to keep on being the best version of yourself, you need some time to step back, […]

Can I learn my 2 years old learn how to meditate?

| Meditation voor kids

Can I learn my 2 year old to meditate?Enjoying peace is not meditation.All kids are different. Some are more sensitive and some more active. But each child has its own fears and doubts. As a parent it is always a good idea to help them along their way in any field of their life. Also their […]

A 12 Step Process for Thriving as a Super Mom

| Superpowers

THRIVING AS A MOM‚ÄčA 12-step process for thriving as a super mom On a beautiful Sunday evening,, Sarah sat in front of her cake with her husband. It was her birthday. They were having a nice dinner date to mark the occasion.Sarah  made a silent wish and blew her candles. She had two lovely kids but juggling career and […]

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