What to do when you meet the pink bear

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What to doWhen you meet a pink bear…Once upon a time, in the stone ages, a mom was looking for berries for her children.  She was fully focused on her task and then ,all of a sudden a pink bear was in front of her. She had 3 options: Flight, freeze of fight.Today, a part of our […]

Each child is unique

| Mindset for kids

RELAX & ENJOYEach child is uniqueEach child needs its mom to be a rock and a role model.Moms can help their children become responsible confident adults, with their own unique gifts to share in the future.We believe that each child deserves unconditional love and you as mom are the first point of contact to love that child […]

Why I’m a fan of Dr Google and nurse Facebook.

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WHEN LOVE IS THE ONLY ANTIDOTEWhy I am a fan of Dr Google & Nurse FacebookMax-Milan is an charming little man of 8 and he has come a long way. His journey is pretty unique. When he was born, he was extremely small. For months, he was on life support and he could not seem […]

10 Amazing ways to easily control your stress.

| Parenting

MANAGING STRESS10 amazing ways to easilycontrol your stress levels You feel overwhelmed. Sooo many things to do and so little time. You’re tired and you know it. Just ate 4 donuts, but you will be fine. And then, you spill your coffee on your freshly irioned shirt, because the kids are so loud this morning. You scream at […]