Can I learn my 2 years old learn how to meditate?

Meditation voor kids

Can I learn my 2 year old to meditate?

Enjoying peace is not meditation.

All kids are different. Some are more sensitive and some more active. But each child has its own fears and doubts. 

As a parent it is always a good idea to help them along their way in any field of their life. Also their emotional development. 
But meditation at the age of 2? No, that is not a good idea. 


Because Nicky's son Max-Milan also knows several emotional challenges because of his disease, she decided to take several classes in emotional education & stress management for kids.

After working with other moms and children, she created several cool tools adapted to the right age category. 
You can find them in the Kids section of the academy. 

The fun part is that helping your kids in those domains really can be time to enjoy together and bond. 


We got your back. In your free goodiebag your will also find a mini set of compliment cards.
Haven't downloaded it yet? No worry! 

The compliments game for moms & kids!

Each day they can choose a different compliment. It helps you build a daily tradition and their self-confidence. 

There are 2 ways to use your compliment cards. 

You can print them out and let your kid draw a card before bedtime and let them read it out loud. And you read a card out loud to them.
Or on whichever moment you spend together, is a good time to create a positive mindset. 

You can also use the cards as a game on your phone our tablet. The cards follow each other rapidly in a little movie and when you stop the video, you will have a different compliment card.

This could be a cool way to spend some time in the car of build a morning routine.

Enjoy! Love Nicky


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