The importance of your me-time getaway.



The Importance of
your me-time getaway

We so often forget our own needs, because our kids come first. We get stuck in our daily routine and want to do better every single day. 

However if you want to keep on being the best version of yourself, you need some time to step back, think, have a good time and jump back in rejuvenated.

Off course you will miss those little monsters, from the moment you close the door. 

But is it not crucial to them that they have a happy mom, full of energy and joy, to be an example for them? Remember you are one of their most important role models. 

#1. Tell your kids

For the older ones, it is easier to understand. Mom is going on a trip. But for a younger child, it can be usefull to have a visual schedule. Put it on the fridge or some place visable. Have a count down system for them to see when you come back. 

#1. Info for the homefront

Kids are staying over at grandma's place or with a friend? Make a little info file. When dop they have their activities? Who is picking thel up? What needs to go in their lunch box? 
Inform people about those things.

#3. Inform teachers

As a mom we like to know what are kiddos are up to in school. But teachers like to be kept informed about things like things. 
You probably are the In Case of Emergency number for your kid. So let them know. 

#4. Set a meeting time

You will be busy, you're kids will be busy. 
So it is easier to set a time space for when to contact each other. Knowing when you have a "date" is something to look forward to for you and your kid. 

Enjoy! Love Nicky‚Äč


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