Untold secrets to living a happy life as a super mom.



Untold secrets to living a happy life
as a super mom

Finding happiness is a choice and includes even the difficult moments. 

Kate was a pretty young lady who got married to a wealthy man. her wedding day was the happiest moment in her life. She wished she could freeze time and remain in that moment forever!
However, she had to move on to new challenges of all life. Soon enough she became pregnant and had a lovely little girl. 

Happiness is equal to or greater than the events of your life minus the expectations you have for those events. - Mo Gawdat

The sight of her baby gave her pure joy as she basked in the euphoria of motherhood.
Kate was fulfilled!
Soon enough baby number two, three and four came along. Things were becoming more difficult for Kate. She was finding it more difficult to cater for her family and career.
Then one unfortunate morning her little girl got really sick. Kate thought it was something Minor that would soon pass. 

The doctors ran some tests on her little girl and broke the bad news to Kate . It was cancer and it had spread . there was little time left for her daughter. 
Kate cried that night but her crying could not change the situation nor could all the money in the world!
Kate was devastated and shattered. Her husband stood by her and together they vouched to make the last days of their daughter the best she ever had.

A few months later kate's little girl passed on.
This was a new phase for Kate. Her mourning period was a difficult one. she was depressed and didn't feel like living anymore. 

How could life be so cruel?
Life was so unfair, she thought.
So many moms like kate go through untold emotional hardships and feel like giving up. But all hope is not lost!

With a positive mindset, you can overcome the most difficult challenges.

Kate actually found the secret to happiness and was able to pull through . 
Just like Kate, you can be happy too no matter what life throws at you. 
Your ability to be happy depends largely on how you react to whatever life throws at you.
If for example, you were hoping for a promotion at work but it didn't happen, you can choose to be depressed and waste time being unhappy or see the  situation as another opportunity to put in more effort against your next assessment.

“Take away that thought of what might happen in the future, and it won’t make you suffer. In this very moment there is absolutely nothing wrong at all. Live” 
― Mo Gawdat

The fact remains that we were all born happy, innocent  and full of life.
However, as we go through our daily lives we encounter different things and as these events unfold , we get soaked up in our emotions and begin to experience unhappiness.
This can be likened to  a new phone. When you have just bought a new phone, everything  works just fine , you can open apps seamlessly and browse comfortably with long lasting battery. But as you begin to download stuff and install several items the phone begins to slow down and sometimes it gets so bad that you have to format it. 

Well as humans we also get overwhelmed and tired when we go through life  and then we have to reset too.
This can be done by engaging in things like meditation, journaling , positive affirmations and other self conscious practices. 
The more we infuse these practices into our lives, the better we become at coping and gaining happiness.
Most times, we do not have control over what happens to us, however, we can control how we respond to what happens to us. Your happiness lies in your ability to control your emotions towards external forces.

Our biggest challenge in the pursuit of happiness lies in the fact that we do not allow ourselves to be happy.


We focus on the negative side of issues instead of looking at the positive aspect. When you feed your negative thoughts you fall deeper into depression, anxiety and worry.
But when you feed your positive thoughts you tend to develop better coping  mechanism for dealing with life. 
You need to understand that life is not a bed of roses and embrace life as it comes to be truly happy.

Enjoy your day! Love Nicky


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